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“I started taking courses with Rebecca from March - July 2017, and completed about 10 portfolio pieces with her. The pieces consisted of figure drawings, still lifes, and portraits that were rendered in mediums ranging from graphite, pastel, and even Photoshop. Before this, I had NO experience in any medium besides graphite and charcoal, and the trajectory of improvement I had in those months skyrocketed. I saw an enormous difference in my later works when I compared them to my earlier ones, and can say that some of these works are still my strongest to this day.

Rebecca is very well-rounded, and knows how to teach from a variety of perspectives. She has the teaching ingenuity to be able to guide beginners and break down concepts at a digestible pace, but also the visual acuity to be able to keep up with experienced and aged artists. For beginners, she starts you off with a demo, and warms you up to different drawing techniques and builds you up to a place where you can draw at an advanced level. Rebecca is also honest, forthcoming, and genuinely wants to help you succeed. Because of this she will give you honest feedback that is geared to help you improve!

Aside from the artistic value I’ve received in my time with Rebecca, I also want to mention how accommodating and compassionate she is as a person. She sets up her studio space in an open and relaxing way that makes you feel comfortable fast. I was really able to focus on my artwork.

Overall, Rebecca is professional, experienced, warm, and assertive. Your time will be well spent if you choose to invest you work in her!

-Emily C., 2019

"My daughter Keitana started at Korpus School of Art in the portfolio preparation class. At the time that Kei started the class, she had a lot of talent and skill as an artist, but needed direction to produce a portfolio capable of impressing the colleges she was applying to and she needed to produce a home test worthy of admission and scholarships to RISD. The head instructor and owner of Korpus, Rebecca Kimmel, was just the person to guide Kei in accomplishing these monumental tasks and to guide her through the process.

In Kei's own words, "It was a great experience working with Rebecca Kimmel, she's always available for help and feedback. She is very enthusiastic to motivate her students, and if there is any trouble, she will be concerned and will quickly try to solve the problem. She's also very comfortable to talk to, and has a great sense of humor."

Rebecca went beyond just guiding Kei in these tasks. She also photographed, organized and made great suggestions to tune and expand her portfolio beyond a mere portfolio. She was very helpful in guiding an inexperienced parent through the bewildering world of scholarship procurement and negotiation. As a result of Rebecca's help, Keitana was accepted to all the colleges of her choice, which included CalArts, RISD, Art Center College of Design and Otis College of Art and Design, and Kei received great scholarship offers from every school. Even after finishing the goals she had of putting together a great portfolio and producing a great home test for RISD, Keitana has stayed on at Korpus to dig into some new areas of art such as digital painting. We are very grateful for having found Rebecca and Korpus School of Art."

-Neil R., 2014

Neil's daughter Keitana was offered $544,144 in combined Merit Scholarships + Grants in 2014. She will be attending Cal Arts in Fall 2014 on Scholarship.

"When my daughter told me last summer that she really wanted to go to art school, I was worried. With hardly any artistic experience and no portfolio, how could she possibly get into art school, I thought. Luckily for us, a friend told us about a hugely talented teacher, saying that her life drawing classes were totally amazing. My daughter started out taking Rebecca’s life drawing classes and later added her portfolio prep and private classes. We’ve had to travel from Orange County to Los Angeles each week - but it has been so worth it. After just a few months, my daughter has admission offers from every school she applied to, and scholarship offers from many. She has grown and learned so much in Rebecca’s classes, and now has the skills and confidence to pursue her dreams of a career in the art world. It’s such a joy to watch Rebecca work her magic on her students, and to see them blossom as the weeks go by. Rebecca has a caring, outgoing personality, which makes for a very fun atmosphere and a strong sense of community at Korpus. Attending Korpus has been a wonderful experience for my daughter, and Rebecca has been one of those outstanding teachers who have the ability to truly change lives. Our family will always be so grateful for our time at Korpus."

-Sharon B., 2014

Sharon's daughter Talia was offered $235,200 in combined Merit Scholarship from all of her accepting colleges after just 8 months of studying exclusively at Korpus.

"Rebecca was a truly dedicated art teacher for my daughter Grace. Grace applied to most of the most selective art colleges and was accepted to all of them, such as Art Center College of Design, Parsons School of Design, and Rhode Island School of Design with a great amount of scholarships. In Rebecca’s portfolio preparation class, students can build a solid foundation of drawing and illustration skills which are the most important components in any college portfolios. As an art major mom, I strongly recommend Korpus School of Art for any student who wants to major in Drawing and Illustration. Now Grace’s brother and his friend are taking portfolio preparation classes at Korpus and are showing and demonstrating significant improvements in drawing in just five months. We are all appreciative towards Rebecca for her dedicated time and efforts for her students."

Rachel K., Mother of Grace & Andrew, 2014

Rachel's daughter Grace was offered $638,000 in combined Merit Scholarships + Grants from all of her accepting colleges. Grace is currently attending Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) on a $31,000 per year scholarship. Her son Andrew recently placed in a local art competition for high school students.

"My daughter, Taryn, attended Korpus School of Art + Gallery for approximately a year and a half. Under the direction of instructor Rebecca Kimmel, she thrived and made great progress. The individual attention by Rebecca provided the guidance and nurturing necessary. Taryn is presently a senior in high school and applied to three art colleges. She has been accepted to the Art Center College of Design, Otis College of Art, and Rhode Island School of Design; moreover, she was offered generous scholarships from all three schools. Without the encouragement and support of Rebecca my daughter would not be in the position of having doors opened and having choices; ultimately, Taryn has decided to attend her dream school, Rhode Island School of Design. We are grateful to Rebecca and Korpus School of Art + Gallery!"

-Jill O., 2013

Jill’s daughter, Taryn was accepted to some top schools and received top scholarship offers:

*Accepted to Rhode Island School of Design / RISD, Illustration – $179,580 Total Financial Aid Package ($44,895 per year for 4 years: including the RISD scholarship of $31,000 per year for 4 years, Pell Grant of $5395 per year for 4 years, FED SEGO Grant of $1000 per year for 4 years, Loan $7500 per year for 4 years)

-Taryn received $149,580 in pure Scholarship / Grants ($37,395 per year for 4 years)

-This is phenomenal in a year where RISD accepted just 25% of it's applicants

*Accepted to Art Center College of Design, Illustration – Half-Tuition Scholarship, $24,000 per year ($8,000 per trimester for 9 trimesters, or $72,000!

*Accepted to Otis College of Art & Design – $64,000 Scholarship ($16,000 per year for 4 years) (This scholarship was increased from an original offer of $10,000 per year)

"When I first heard about Korpus, I did not know what to expect. Korpus did more than what I expected, and helped me improve in ways that I initially never thought I could. When I first came into Korpus I knew hardly anything about the industry; however when I came out I had accumulated so much information about Art from Korpus that I never expected to have. I have worked with Rebecca Kimmel for a little less than a year, and my artwork and technical skill has improved tremendously over that little amount of time. Just taking one class from Korpus can help improve your skills tremendously, and give you insight into the art industry.

I would not be the artist I am today without her help. Rebecca is just one of those teachers that goes far out and beyond to get her students to where they need to be. Not only does she deeply, and truly care about her students’ futures, she gets to know them personally, and helps them figure out what their specific calling is. Rebecca is very knowledgeable about the art industry, and the positives and negatives. She makes a great mentor, as well as a friend. She encourages her students to reach their full potential, and gets her students to make the best art that they can. Her personal interaction, outgoing personality, and artistic talent makes Korpus such a great place to come to. The environment at Korpus is inspiring itself, and the art work that Korpus produces motivates you to practice, and become a better artist.

Being around other motivated students at Korpus made me want to work harder, and Rebecca does a fantastic job at pushing her students to work harder, and become better artists. The artwork that comes from students as young as 13 to 50 and up is amazing. Korpus is a prime example of progress, and improvement. At Korpus I was able to witness upcoming artists being born, and young as well as old talent emerging.

Rebecca has helped me tremendously with figure drawing as well as drawing fundamentals, and getting to know different types of mediums. Rebecca does demos to demonstrate her technique, and encourages students to do so as well. She has a great teaching method of demonstration, as well as giving students a good amount of time to draw on their own, and help them when she sees someone struggling. With Rebecca's help I was able to get a half-tuition scholarship from one of the top art schools, Art Center College of Design, and I became more knowledgeable about the industry, and what I wanted to pursue. Korpus had a major impact on the artist I am today, and I am beyond ecstatic that I found this school. I would recommend Korpus to anyone who wants to pursue art, expand their art skills, work hard, and go off to art school with a great amount of scholarship money. Korpus is definitely the way to go."

-Grace H., 2013

*Accepted to Art Center College of Design, Illustration – Increased $98,100 Scholarship, ($10,900 per trimester for 3 trimesters a year, which, over 3 years would be $98,100)

*Accepted to School of Visual Arts / SVA, Illustration – $68,000 Total Financial Aid Package ($17,000 per year for 4 years, including Scholarship, Grant, and Loan Money)

"Rebecca is an amazing teacher! I have had the privilege to work with her for 8 months and I love Korpus and it's classes. I've taken the Figure Drawing class, the College Portfolio class, as well as a few private classes and I believe it was all worth it. I came to Korpus already knowing how to draw, but after working with Rebecca I really can see how much I have improved and pushed my abilities. I came to Korpus out of luck and when I read other student's reviews of working on their college portfolio and getting acceptances to their top schools, I knew that Rebecca had to have been a really good teacher.

So I enrolled in classes to work on my college portfolio. After learning so much from Rebecca and finally completing my portfolio, I submitted it to my top school, Otis College of Art and Design, to apply for my undergraduate year and I got the exciting news back that I have been accepted!

Rebecca, I could not have done this without You! Through these past months I have worked so hard and you have pushed me to work harder and efficiently to get what I want. Korpus has become my home away from home. I absolutely LOVE coming to class and learning new things and I enjoy the friendly environment.

Korpus gets my highest rating and I would recommend anyone who is passionate about learning more about art to come here. From a student creating a portfolio to someone who basically wants to learn how to draw, Korpus is for you. All ages as well are welcome and Rebecca really works with every student and their level of artistic ability."

-Geavanna T., 2013

*Accepted to Otis College of Art & Design, Fashion Design – $92,000 Total Financial Aid Package,
Including: $54,000 Scholarship ($13,500 per year for 4 years)

"Hey Rebecca,

I wanted to thank you once more for all the help you have given me in the past year. I could not have gotten into any of these schools without what you and Ed Rudolph both taught me. Also if it weren't for the extra private class you had with the three of us I don't think I could have done it either. Thanks again for everything. You’re the best art teacher I have ever had and have helped me reach higher than I dreamed of. Keep teaching because you are a fantastic teacher and help kids like me and others grow as a person and an artist.

Thank you so much!"

-Robbie B., 2013

*Accepted to UCLA / Digital Media / Photography UCLA’s Digital Media program admitted just 10% of its applicants this year

*Accepted to California College of the Arts / CCA, Photography

*Accepted to Corcoran College of Art & Design BFA / MAT Art Education 5-year program

"My daughter is a senior in high school and has made a choice to apply to universities offering strong art programs. This is a tough decision because not only does she have to go through the academic admission requirements, she also had the added pressure of submitting an art portfolio. For most university art programs, the portfolio plays a determining factor to admission. So my daughter started taking classes with Rebecca, primarily focusing on improving her portfolio. Rebecca turns out to be the most amazing art teacher my daughter has ever had. Being a good teacher is an art - at its heart is an ability to connect with audience and share the view of the world found in the discipline. Rebecca is an awesome artist and she has mastered the art of being a great teacher as well. My daughter often comes home after Rebecca's class and talks for hours about the discussion she had with Rebecca about objects, like a model or a bike, for the next project or ideas for future work. When I see the passion in my daughter's eyes when she talks about art, I know Rebecca has waved her magic wand. My daughter has gained so much confidence in her ability to create art because of Rebecca. Because Rebecca loves what she does, the passion is naturally passed on to her students. Even though the portfolio is now completed and submitted, my daughter continues to take classes with Rebecca. Oh, I must also mention that Rebecca accompanied my daughter to a National Portfolio Day, waiting in line for hours for RISD's interview, just to show her support. Rebecca is just amazing like that!"

-Kathy Yeh

*Kathy Yeh’s daughter, a high school Portfolio Preparation student of Rebecca Kimmel’s, was accepted to Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), with a $30,500 per year financial aid package - with $23,500 of that per year in pure scholarship money. Her daughter was also accepted to Boston University (BU) with a $44,800 / year financial aid package - with $39,000 of that per year in pure scholarship money. Her daughter was additionally accepted to Cornell University, University of Southern California (USC), University of Santa Barbara (UCSB), Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), and Pratt Institute.

"I wanted to let you know that I did indeed get a merit scholarship from Otis! It was for $6,250 a semester (or $12,500 a year) renewable for four years. I'm super excited about that since it's basically 1/3 of my tuition!

I want to thank you SO MUCH for all you've taught me at Korpus! I've had a lot of fun in your classes and they really gave me the courage to create my portfolio. I seriously could not have done it without you!!"

-Tracy S.
Accepted to Otis College of Art & Design, Fall 2012 with $50,000 scholarship ($12,500 per year)

“If the artistic journey happens to often be a lonely road paved with questions and fears, excitement, passion and recklessness, then teaching is - I believe - a science of knowledge and sharing that require a true understanding of the laws of nature, perception and their interpretation as well as an obvious ease to communicate on all of them: a lot you might say. How can one combine those two sensibilities without collapsing under their weight is true mystery to me, that's probably why I feel privileged to have found such an instructor as Rebecca; one whose work I truly enjoy (holy CtrlZ, the grace of her gesture drawings...) and whose teaching I devour like a cheese plate on a munch.”

-Loic Zimmermann
Concept Artist, Luma Pictures

"Previously, I took several different life drawing courses ranging from the Gnomon School of Visual Effects to Art Institute teachers, but none were able to impart their knowledge and skill of structure, anatomy, and art as Rebecca was able to. Rebecca has helped me make quantum leaps in my understanding of the human form. She introduced me to whole techniques and media that were not even touched on by my other teachers. Throughout my college years and even after, I did not realize the potential and meaning of a great teacher until meeting her and was surprised (and quite grateful) that I was able to obtain this caliber of education from a community college. Through Rebecca, I learned that it is not the name of the school that matters, but the type of teacher that the school has. Whereas other teachers mostly demonstrated in front of the class and provided minor comments on students' personal works, Rebecca did a combination of both that worked to excel all of her students' abilities and confidence, no matter their skill. She works extremely hard as a teacher and even when class sizes are overfilled, she takes the time and energy to do one-on-one demonstrations and provide constructive criticism for each and every student, for each and every class. I am continually amazed at her dedication as a teacher and although I have had her for two semesters already, I would not hesitate to take another class instructed by her again. In fact, I would very much look forward to it."

-Leanne Huynh

"I can now call myself an artist thanks largely to Rebecca Kimmel. Rebecca's classes have always been innovative and interesting. She, as an artist and a teacher, inspires her students to continuously push themselves, to produce their best work. I consider myself fortunate to have been in her classes."

-Kamini Aiyer

"My experience with The Drawing Workshop was impressive. I was struggling in class and Rebecca suggested I attend classes on the weekends and they helped me out tremendously. Within just one semester I noticed a difference in understanding composition and technique and it showed in my work. She quickly realized how I learned and tailored each lesson to my needs. The atmosphere was informal but be ready to work! I really enjoyed my time there and would recommend it to any level, from beginning to professional."

-Patrick Cambria

"Since graduating with a Biology degree and working a job with industry I decided to take some drawing lessons on the side to pursue Medical Illustration. I took Rebecca Kimmel's class at Irvine Valley College a few years ago with very little drawing skills. Rebecca's technique with teaching was very different from the classes I've previously attended. She was able to to show step-by-step techniques that were comprehensible and tangible at the same time. Feeling intimidated by other students that had natural talent, Rebecca made drawing seem like it CAN be a learned process. By following her direction and guidance I was able to produce results in drawing that I thought I could never accomplish. What I appreciate the most with Rebecca's teachings is her time, care, and abundance of knowledge she is willing to share. She is able to sit with you individually and steer you in the right direction with developing your drawing skills. There are only a handful of teachers that are able to really impact a college student's life. I believe that Rebecca is one of those teachers that had a strong influence in my own growth as an artist and she still does have this strong influence with every stroke I take in my drawings."

-Melanie Maralit

"I would highly recommend Rebecca’s classes. I began to the study of art when I met Rebecca. Honestly, I am a very very very beginner student. I didn't even know how to draw before I joined her private drawing workshop. She not only contributes infectious enthusiasm to all forms of teaching using a wide range of media, but also is a positive person who knows how to communicate with all different people, such as me, I didn't speak English well during that time, but she gave me a lot of encouragement. She makes me feel that we are a family. I just suddenly fell in love with drawing. By the way, she is not only a teacher, but also is a very very good friend. After 7 classes there, I could draw a portrait like a photo. That just made me feel like “Is that my stuff?” I couldn't believe that I did some awesome works. I mean, it's better than what I want before I joined her class. I really appreciate that I could meet her. I could do nothing without her help. So, I just want to tell you guys, if you know even know how to draw. It doesn't matter. Sunday Workshop will change your life. Don't hesitate, just go for it. You'll find what you want and how amazing you are."

-Hongyu Zhou